About Criminal Court

We have a team of Solicitors, Legal Executives and support staff who are on hand to assist you if you are summoned or charged with a criminal offence.   Representation can be provided at the Police Station, Magistrates Court, Youth Court and Crown Court.  We cover a wide range of issues including private client work and publicly funded work (Legal Aid).   An example of some of the matters which we deal with are:-

  1. Should a Police Officer attend at your home and interview you under Caution;
  2. If you are interviewed under Caution at a DSS Office;
  3. If you have been arrested and are to be interviewed by either Custom & Excise or Immigration Officers or Ministry of Defence Police, Special Investigation Branch or Royal Military Police, RAF Police or Naval Provost;

Exercise your right to free independent legal advice.    Everyone who is detained at a Police Station is entitled to receive free independent legal advice.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should you require representation.

Do not hesitate to call us if you are interviewed at a Police Station as legal representation is crucial at an early stage.

Free initial appointment

We offer a free initial half hour interview so that we can give you free advice. 

Persons under 18 years

If you are under 18 and charged with a criminal offence you will be brought before the local Youth Court, unless you are jointly charged with an adult.   In most cases, representation at the Youth Court will be free of charge so please call us to see whether this applies to you.

We also deal with serious criminal cases which are heard in the Crown Court.   At Anthony Grabiner LLB we have a Specialist Crown Court Department and can arrange for highly qualified Barristers to represent you.