Probate and Administration of Deceased Estates

When somebody dies the assets which they owned at the time of their death become the responsibility of the “personal representative” of the person who died.  Where the deceased left a will the personal representative will usually have been appointed in the Will and is called an Executor.  If there was no Will the person entitled to become the personal representative will normally be the ‘next of kin’ of the person who died and is called an Administrator.

Except in the case of quite small estates it is normally necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation from the Probate Registry before dealing with the estate assets.

We can assist in all elements of the estate including advising on the appointment of an Administrator where no will has been left, advising on the necessary duties of the Executor or Administrator, obtaining the Grant and assisting you in carrying out the terms of the Will.

We can also advise in regard to situations where tax saving or other arrangements may be possible during the course of administration to best achieve the wishes of the beneficiaries of the estate.  This can include creation of Deeds of Variation of Wills, or settling claims against the estate.