Property Disputes

At Anthony Grabiner LLB we can advise you upon your legal entitlement in respect of property. We try to resolve disputes quickly and with minimum expense. Property disputes can be resolved through arbitration, early neutral evaluation, mediation or negotiation. We will negotiate hard on your behalf to get the right result.

In some cases the only alternative is Court proceedings in which case our experienced team will prepare your case and vigorously pursue the matter through the Courts.

If your name does not appear on the Title Deeds you may have a financial interest in a property if:

a) you have contributed towards the property in some way; or
b) you and the owner of the property have children together; or
c) you have been promised an interest in the property by the owner; or
d) you have an express declaration or agreement; or
e) you are married to or in a civil partnership with the owner of the property

We are happy to have an initial meeting with any potential client free of charge.  In this way you can judge our approach for  yourself and we can advise you upon our likely legal charges.