If you die without making a make a Will, your assets will be divided out in accordance with rules made by Parliament.  Although occasionally that might produce what may be desired, except in the case of very small estates the arbitrary rules of law are unlikely to give the outcome that most would desire.

By making a Will you can ensure your assets are dealt with just as you wish.  When preparing a Will for you we can give you advice about a wide range of matters you can take into account.  These can include matters such as potential tax savings, the creation of life interest trusts, discretionary trusts or other trusts and protective arrangements.  If you have young children, we can also incorporate the appointment of guardians within your Will.

For clients with restricted mobility because of age or health problems we can arrange to visit you in your home to discuss your wishes and to prepare a Will for you.

We can also advise about what will happen to jointly owned properties, life insurances, and pensions on your death. Some may not pass under your Will, but may have separate arrangements under a trust.

If you are interested in making a Will, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you or alternatively start the process and please click here to access our Initial Will Questionnaire.  As soon as we receive your completed form a member of our Private Client Department will be in contact to discuss further.